HAWS is a conceptual clothing brand that was created by the Mate Black Creative Group. The initial challenge from N2TF was to design a landing page for a brand that advocates for mental health. HAWS’s main mission is to emphasize mental health through the comfort and design of their clothes.

My Role: Web Design and Webflow Development
Project Year: 2023
Project Type: Web Design and Development

I decided to challenge myself and pretend that HAWS was a client. The requirements of the website were the following: smooth user experience to reduce cognitive load, presenting the clothing in a way that makes it pop, and a relaxed aesthetic to match the comfort of the clothing.


After obtaining the assets for HAWS, I created 2 mood boards consisting of website design and posters advocating for mental health for typography inspiration.

Combining the assets with the Hyperblob font for the heading and Raleway for the paragraph font complimented the HAWS brand perfectly. My goal with the website design was to involve a community aspect to build upon the HAWS message of advocating for mental health.


Hero Section Ideation:

I’ve sped up my process by creating iterations of the hero section to help and decide the direction of the site. However, for future projects, I want to try and create several wireframes of the home page to have a more decisive decision on the design direction of the website.

Incorporating a style guide:

Without a style guide, I found myself accidentally creating redundant classes through small changes I was making which can possibly be harmful in bigger projects since that would slow the site down due to excess code.

Basic Site Plan Limitations:

Attempting to push the limits of basic site plans brought limitations to light. Solutions I was trying to troubleshoot can have been avoided using custom code. The page limit also created limits to what I could create on Webflow.


- Creating home page iterations could provide a more clear direction of the project.

- Style guides can provide a more cohesive designing experience and help with excess code.

- I would avoid creating future client projects on free plans due to the limitations the free site plan has.

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